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Ideal for law enforcement, since the dark color shows dust and drug residues readily.

Ideal for hair dressers, tattoo artists, etc. since the dark color does not show stains readily, making the user look neater and more professional.

COATS® -- Colloidal Oatmeal
Active Therapeutic System

A glove that can help protect you and your skin
Available in Latex and Nitrile


COATS® barrier technology, a totally powder free, all-natural physical barrier between the glove and the wearer's skin, utilizing the anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal oatmeal, shields the skin's surface, creating a moisturizing and pH balancing environment that helps dry, damaged skin to repair itself, while helping keep healthy skin healthy.

  • COATS® is an innovative new barrier coating comprised of all natural colloidal oatmeal USP which is an FDA recognized skin protectant drug.
  • Applied to the don side of the glove through a proprietary process, COATS® is a powder-free process.
  • COATS® technology reduces irritation and hydration dermatitis by creating a physical barrier between glove film and skin; absorbing perspiration, urea and salt excretions; providing anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory benefits; effectively pH buffering the skin; and naturally noisturizing the surface of the skin.