Some Great New Nitrile Gloves

With the cost of latex products rising steadily and dramatically, our Nitrile gloves are moving rapidly to the forefront as the product of choice for many.   Here are some great new selections for you to choose from:

The NitriDerm EP (Product Series 182) is slightly thicker (6 mils) and longer (12 inches) to provide an extra measure of safety in those more difficult and hazardous work environments.  Also tested and approved for chemotherapy, this glove will be a great choice for many.

Since its black color does not show blood and chemical stains readily, our new NitriDerm Ultra Black (Product Series 187) finds a ready place in beauty salons, tattoo shops and with all of you who want a neater, more professional look as you work.  Especially popular in law enforcement, a black glove readily shows powder residue when working with or around drugs.  Tested and approved for use in chemotherapy, this glove can be used in many and varied applications.

A great new product with an interesting twist, our new NitriDerm Scents are available with Grape scent (Product Series 196) and a pleasing Orange scent (Product Series 198), two more great Nitrile products designed to serve you well.

Our new NitriDerm AquaBLUE (Product Series 197), also tested and approved for use in chemotherapy, is another great choice for those seeking a quality, cost-effective product.

An ideal choice for EMS, Police and Fire, HazMat Spills and other applications, our NitriDerm Ultra Orange (Product Series 199), available in “CAUTION Orange”, is slightly longer and thicker than the ordinary glove, offering an extra measure of protection in those difficult and hazardous work environments.

With your questions or comments, or for pricing information, please contact Patrick by phone, 918-272-5075, e-mail, or fax 918-512-4380.


About Patrick Ross

Owner of Palmer Disposable Products since 2006, serving Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma with exam gloves, masks, gowns and other related medical/dental disposable products.
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